2012-2013 Annual Report

2012-13annualreport 300The Will Steger Foundation is committed to addressing climate change for the long haul. Yes, climate change is huge, overwhelming and challenging to address. Those of us who are concerned about this issue know that progress happens at various scales, at different points in time. Sometimes our progress is incremental, such as an educator reaching a classroom with our climate and energy resources, and sometimes it is large, such as when the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission responds to citizen input, including the compelling testimony of Will Steger, to require the largest utility in Minnesota to study the retirement of their coal-fired power plants. You can view, download or order a copy of our recent annual report which documents our impact from September 2012 through August 2013. We are making great strides in our work – thanks to your incredibly generous support! The report serves as a record of accomplishments, financial transparency, and an illustrated guide to who we are and why our programs matter. This year promises to bring continued progress, both small and large. Thank you for supporting our work in 2013. We look forward to sharing our successes with you in 2014!

Download the Report now (PDF 1.4MB)…



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