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One of the defining characteristics of Inuit is a strong sense of community. For thousands of years Inuit people relied on cooperation to survive in one of the harshest environments on earth. That sense of cooperation continues today as Inuit across the Arctic work to share their knowledge and experience on the front lines of climate change.

Tackling climate change will take cooperation. The Inuit sense of community can inspire us to work cooperatively with our families, friends and neighbors. How much more empowered would we each feel if we knew we were not working alone to slow climate change, but that we had the help of our community?

Invite your family, friends and neighbors to your house to view Inuit Observations on Climate Change, a 42-minuite film produced by the International Institute for Sustainable Development, documents the impacts of climate change from an Inuvialuit perspective. In addition to the full-length version, a 14-minute summary film is also available. Both versions can be watched for free or ordered as a DVD here.

After watching the film, encourage discussion among your group. You might choose to talk about:

  • The implications for the entire human community of continued warming.
  • Lessons we can learn from the Inuit experience with climate change.
  • How we can work cooperatively to slow our contributions to climate change.
    • What could your small group do to reduce your carbon footprint?
    • How could you educate others?
    • How could you make your voice heard by your decision makers?

You may want to read some of the action stories on for inspiration. You may also want to visit our resources for action.


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