After the Flood

There are days where it is hard to wake up in this imperfect world we live in. The hard realities of fear, intolerance, degradation and prejudice are closer to the surface. Today is one of those days. The spectrum of emotions, from disbelief to deep sadness, is real and powerful, and it has left many of our heads throbbing and hearts pounding. Today, the issues that we wrestle with seem as if they are threatening to submerge us. However, as the divisiveness and ugliness of our society become more clearly visible in the light of day, they also become easier for all of us to recognize, reckon with, and reject.

So what do we do in these times of reckoning? Do we go back to bed or do we wake up and get to work? That choice seemed especially present this morning. But at 9am, Climate Generation’s office filled with our team, with Peace Coffee and with baked goods. The office filled with raw emotion, but also with unbent resolve. This was different from the motivation we have all carried with us for doing the work of advancing solutions to climate change – this was redoubled, resilient resolve.

The work of all those whose careers advance justice, advance education, advance empathy and advance respect for all living things – that work has never been more important. Safeguarding our environment and our communities from the impacts of climate change is a part of that. Our work has always called out the realistic hope that we have for effectively addressing this issue, and the vision of a just, climate-resilient world. So today, we hold on to that hope and our convictions in the vitality of our work as life rafts. The mission, vision and values of Climate Generation are standing firm.

These values include: deep love and respect for our entire human community, as well as empathy for those who are hardest hit by the impacts of injustice, poverty, and environmental harm. Faith in community-based action, and in our ability to wield our collective influence to advance the common good. Kinship with our environment, with our wild places, trees, lakes and loons – all living things that make up our earthly ecosystem and that we depend on for renewal. Determination to advance a solutions-oriented approach to addressing climate change. Profound gratitude for all who are partners with us in bending the moral arc of the universe towards justice.

We are standing our ground, and we are thinking of all the ways we can deepen our work, expand our impact, and amplify the call for climate action. We know there are supporters near and far, and around the world, who are with us, and we are incredibly grateful for all of you right now. We are here for you, and we welcome anyone – today and all days – who wants to visit our office, give us a call, or have a conversation. If we all stand together, we believe that we will win.

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