Author: Ashley Fairbanks

We Keep The Fire

Boozhoo. Asiniiwiikwe indizhinikaaz. Ajijaak indoodemn. Gaawaabaabigaanikaag indoonjibaa. Hello, my name is Ashley Fairbanks. In Anishinaabemowin, my name is Asiniiwikwe—woman made of stone. I am from the Crane clan, and a citizen of the White Earth Anishinaabe in northern Minnesota. I’m also the Creative Director of the 100% Campaign. In Ojibwe culture, we talk about how […]

Finding Balance by the River Clyde

As Indgenous people attending COP26, things can feel complicated. So many of the issues impacting our people are not well represented. Our people are not well represented. But today was a day that felt good. We started the day with a panel at the U.S. Climate Action Center on Indigenous Resistance to the Line 3 […]