Author: Tobias Thorleifsson

Nearing the end of the crossing

Day 15 of the expeditionDistance traveled: 58 km / 36 miPosition: N 66,50 W 047,17Elevation: 1774 m / 5,820 ft Having spent a few days at Dye 2 it was great to travel again today. The winds were straight at our backs and it was nice cruising for 58km (36 mi). We now only have […]

We want wind!

Day 9 of the expeditionDistance traveled: 0kmPosition: N 66,08.278 W 040,38.339Elevation: 1,873 m / 6,145 ft We want wind! It’s our second windless day in a row and we are getting restless. The days are very hot as there is no wind to cool us down. If there is no wind tonight we will haul […]

Ready to start the Crossing

Day 4 of the expeditionDistance traveled: 0kmPosition: N 65,48.783 W 038,38.025 – Basecamp Eastcoast Greenland Elevation: 1085 M / 3,559 ft Due to the normal lack of winds in the daytime we are now using the nights to further develop our skills on both the ski sails and the kites. My background is with the […]

Muskox Land

Day 60 of Expedition Position: Wolfcamp Slidre Fiord, Ellesmere Island, N 79° 56′ W 085° 23′ We are now spending our last few days exploring the terrain between Slidre Fiord and the Sawtooth Mountains on Ellesmere Island. Because of the early spring thaw we are doing this by foot and on skis. There is simply […]

Close Encounter With Muskox Bull

Day 54 of ExpeditionDistansce: 18 km / 11 miPosition: N 79° 55′ W 089° 12′ We have now made camp from where we will ski to the petrofied forrest tomorrow. Most of the day we have been traveling up river drainages that seems to be our safest bet to find snow here on the lower […]

Norwegian Constitution Day – May 17th

Day 48 of ExpeditionPosition: N 80° 35′ W 89° 54′ Just north of white mountain, Axel Heiberg Island. Camped on the sea ice of Nansen Sound. We are now working our way down the northeast coast of Axel Heiberg and across Nansen Sound, where we can see the beautiful and rugged coastline of Svartefjell Peninsula […]

Towards Nansen Sound

Day 45 Position: N 81° 03′ W 092° 35′ We are now in the progress of crossing the Northern tip of Axel Heiberg Island and we are heading towards Nansen Sound and Ellesmere Island. Today we actually had our first sighting of Ellesmere. It was a great moment for our team as we are now […]

Otto Sverdrup, 1898-1902

Otto Sverdrup was one of the three great Norwegian polar explorers next to Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen. Sverdrup had joined Nansen on both his crossing of Greenland in 1898 and as Captain of the famous Norwegian expedition vessel Fram during Nansen’s failed North Pole expedition between 1893 and 1996. In 1898, Fram was commissioned […]

The First Explorers of the High Arctic

The first people to reach Ellesmere Island were the Palaeo-Inuit culture that spread across the Arctic from Alaska about 4,000 years ago. These people were attracted to Ellesmere Island by animals such as musk ox and caribou, but they also practiced coastal sea-mammal hunting in what is now Smith Sound. The descendants of these first […]