Author: Lauren Leith, Education Ambassador

Back in the U.S.

Upon arriving back at MSP airport, we learned that the Paris climate agreement was passed. Our group was so happy, some were moved to tears. Finally, a starting point for climate action. We wondered why the others on the plane were not cheering. One woman said she represented the small island nations and she did […]

Paris Is Not a Destination, But a Road to the Future

With the theme of the day being that we need to keep the momentum going, I decided to find out how to do that. So, today I interviewed people with the question, “What 2-3 actions are you going to take after COP21?” I had to start with myself so that I knew what to work on […]

True Power Lies in the Individual

Today began with our much-anticipated meeting with John Holdren, President Obama’s Science Advisor, at the U.S. Embassy. I let him know that my students are worried about climate change, and that they are doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprint – biking, taking the metro, and growing gardens – but as long as […]

We Are Not Doing Enough

Global climate change affects the economy, the environment and the human rights of the world’s population. To achieve climate justice, we need to understand the impact of climate change across the globe. After listening to women’s groups, island groups and undeveloped countries at COP21 these past few days, it has become clear to me that […]

A Social Justice Focus at COP21

Let me tell you about another Education Ambassador. His name is Roy Lander. He is a 5th grade life science teacher in Atlanta, GA at a progressive private school, The Galloway School. He is focusing his teaching on “Human Impact on the Environment.” He is teaching his students that often there are multiple causes to […]

Friday Feature: Meet COP21 Education Ambassador Lauren Leith!

As our COP21 Window Into Paris program approaches, we will be featuring an educator in our delegation each week to share their thoughts on the program and how they plan to incorporate their experience at the UN climate change negotiations into their classrooms. This week’s featured educator is Lauren Leith, a Physics, Chemistry and Earth […]