Author: Reed Aronow - COP16 Delegate

Copenhagen to Cancun: Reflections from a Midwest Youth Climate Leader

One year ago today, a team of intelligent and dynamic Midwest youth were preparing for an expedition that would impact their lives forever. These twelve young leaders, hailing from seven different states set aside their studies, their work, and their personal lives for an intense immersion experience in the COP15 UNFCCC international climate negotiations, as […]

COP 15: Week One Comes To a Close

The Expedition Copenhagen team has been making tracks this week, organizing amazing actions and meeting people who can influence our climate future. Earlier this week, I met Rajenda Pachauri, chairman of the IPCC, and sat in on sessions with Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar and Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke, joined by fellow youth asking […]

We hit the trail running: Day One in Copenhagen

I hit the trail early this morning, trekking with my fellow Will Steger delegates to COY, the Conference of Youth. As we were walking, I noticed how many people bike in town. There is actually a separate lane for cyclists, and I’ve heard rumor that there are more bikes than in people in Copenhagen. Whether […]

Reed Aronow, Minnesota Delegate

School: Hamline University (alumnus) Areas of Study: Environmental Justice and Anthropology Reed’s interest in climate change began as an elementary school student, studying clouds and weather. At age 14 he and his family survived a tornado, which lifted their car off the road before placing it down again on all 4 wheels. As a student […]