Author: Sigrid Ekran

From Eureka to New York City

Two days ago we stood on the wild Ice of Eureka Sound, and here we stand now, in New York City wearing fancy shirts, eating fancy dinners, and trying our best to act normal. It’s these contrasts that make life interesting, and at least for me, the sudden immersion into an entirely different culture just […]

The wolf pack

Position: N 79° 56′ W 085° 23′ Expedition Day: 59 This has been the day of my life. I am sitting in my tent with a big smile on my face. It has been a beautiful day from the start of. We ate lunch with the crew at the station before picking up some more […]

Day 53

Expedition day 53Position: N 80° 01′ W 088° 22′Distance: 18 km / 11 mi After only 10 minutes on the trail we ran into Polar Bear tracks. A mom and a cub track. The cub track being as big as my fist. The cubs are born in the den in the winter and follow their […]

White wolves

Expedition Day: 47Position: N 80° 44′ W 090° 49′Distance: 28 km / 17 mi Amarokk is the white dog in the picture. His name means white wolf in Inuktitut (language spoken by the Inuit of this region). He is not a lead dog, his position in the hierarchy of the team is pretty far down. […]

The Cairn

Sarah’s birthday!Day 41Position: N 81° 01′ W 095° 03′ Distance traveled: 13.7 km / 8.5 mi “l am just going for a little ski trip with Skittish” (One of the dogs on Toby’s team), Tobias said after he had eaten a quick bowl of oatmeal. We found a perfect place for an air strip around […]

Day 36

Day 36 Position: N 79° 58′ W 096° 32′ Distance traveled: 25 km / 15.5 mi Estimated Temperature: -25 °C /-4 °F The sleds are under a lot of pressure. When we are fully loaded they weigh around 750 to 800 lbs. We are running with sleds that are made for rough ice and heavy […]

Day 31

Day 31Position : N 79° 01′ W 096° 08′Distance: 19.5 km / 12.1 mi We had a nice traveling day today. Dogs and people are well rested after a day off. We have not seen any tracks of wildlife in a couple of days. I’m hoping to see a pack of white wolves when we […]

Day 26

Position: N 78° 35′ W 095° 24′Distance Traveled: 8 km / 4 mi Another day in the fun, rough ice. We had one of our most difficult working days today, and made a very short distance. We push and drag the heavy sleds over big blocks of ice. There are many beautiful ice sculptures to […]

A Day Off

Position: N 78° 10′, W 094° 15′Distance traveled: 0 km/ 0 mi It’s amazing how good it feels to have a day off, a day to relax, repack, repair, sleep and eat. Sarah and I slept till noon this morning, had a long late breakfast and listened to Sarah’s music on her new iPod that […]

My Favorite Dog: Skidich

Position: N 77° 33′, W 093° 01′Distance Traveled: 29 km / 17 mi It is Day 16 and we have traveled for over two weeks already. It is amazing how time flies by out here on the ice. We are starting to have a good routine during the day and things are going faster. By […]