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DSC_0027_480x321_lg.jpgAfter 62 days of expedition life, I am finally back home in Iqaluit, Nunavut. It was nice to take a shower and sleep in a bed, but after a couple nights Eric and I were both ready to get back outside. So yesterday we paddled across a river, and hiked to our cabin for the night.

Since the fall, both Eric and I have been working hard at training dogs and helping with some of the organization of the expedition. But all the hard work paid off as soon as we left Resolute behind and headed out on expedition. The wind was howling and the air was refreshing.

The scenery was stunning along the coast of Axel Heiberg and the wildlife was an event to be remembered, but what was the best about this trip was the dogs and the team!

Traveling with dogs is an amazing experience. These sled dogs love to pull, are friendly and definitely do not lack character! They are the ones that deserve the credit, pulling our heavy sleds day after day!

I also got the chance to travel with 6 awesome team members. We all had very different backgrounds and skills, but worked together as a team the entire trip. During the most stressful moments, there was always a joke to lighten the mood. We have spent so many consistent hours together, that it was hard to say goodbye in the Iqaluit airport.

As for future plans, Eric and I have just enough time to wash our gear and repack before heading out in a couple weeks to Greenland were we will meet Will and Toby. The four of us will do a crossing of the Greenland Ice cap from East to West, using kites! So keep checking for updates on our Greenland trip!




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