Sigrid Ekran – Explorers (Young)

Sigrid Ekran Age 28, Norway REFLECTIONS OF A YOUNG EXLPLORER, by Sigrid Ekran I grew up on the family farm in Norway. My family always enjoyed an active outdoor lifestyle. Now I live a subsistence lifestyle in Alaska, and I hunt, fish and trap most of the food that I need. I live in a […]

Ann E. Bancroft – Explorers (Modern)

Educator/Explorer/Lecturer BACKGROUND In 1986 Ann Bancroft traveled 1,000 miles (1,600 km) by dogsled from the Northwest Territories in Canada to the North Pole as the only female member of Will Steger’s International Polar Expedition. This feat earned Ann the distinction of being the first known woman in history to cross the ice to […]

Richard Weber – Explorers (Modern) BACKGROUND In 1995 Canadian Richard Weber and Russian Mikikail Malakov became the first and only people to ski unsupported from Northern Canada to the North Pole and back to Canada. They traveled by ski, pulling sleds for 123 days! This was not Richard’s first or only Arctic expedition, however. From 1978 to 2006, Richard […]

Lonnie Dupre – Explorers (Modern) BACKGROUND During the last 20 years, Lonnie Dupre has traveled over 14,000 miles throughout the Polar regions by dog team, ski and kayak. Lonnie made a 3,000-mile, first, west to east winter transit of Canada’s Northwest Passage in 1991 by dog team. In 2001, Lonie along with Australian John Hoelscher became the first to […]

Börge Ousland – Explorers (Modern) BACKGROUND In February 2006 National Geographic Adventure Magazine called Norwegian Börge Ousland “arguably the most accomplished polar explorer alive!” How did Börge become such a well-known explorer? After high school, Börge trained as a diver and worked for almost ten years diving in the North Sea. He then served in the Norwegian Special Naval […]

More Resources – Explorers (Modern)

Modern Explorers – More Resources Photograher James Balog explores the Arctic and other places where he can “catch global warming in the act” with his innovative time-lapse photography. See one of the largest glacier calvings ever documented in High Definition video as well as other scenes here. National Geographic explorer Jon Bowermaster just completed his […]

Action! – Explorers (Modern)

Modern Explorers – Action! Explorers connect with the natural world in a personal way that makes them care about protecting it. Their experiences in nature can also provide an eyewitness to the public about changes that might otherwise go unnoticed. You don’t need to go to a far-away place like the Arctic to be an […]

Discussion Starters – Explorers (Modern)

Modern Explorers – Discussion Starters Teachers: Use the following information to spark discussion in your classroom. Familiarize students with the events, people and organizations in the following paragraphs and then encourage students to discuss their opinions and reactions. There are several example questions and suggested areas for discussion. Remind your students that discussion requires well-supported […]

Lesson Plan – Explorers (Modern)

Modern Explorers – Lesson Plan Central questions: What are explorers discovering today? How can we learn about our world by studying explorers? How can we be explorers? Objectives: Each student will read about a modern polar explorer. Students write and perform “skit” television news segments on each explorer. Students will discuss the significance polar explorations […]

More Resources – Explorers (Young)

Young Explorers – More Resources Students on Ice takes high school students age 14 – 19 and their teachers and chaperones on learning expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. On their website you can read daily dispatches and see photos from previous expeditions. National Geographic Young Explorer Grants aim to foster the next generation of […]