Trail Dispatch – Beautiful weather for hitting the trail

Coordinates: 66.18.922 N, 65.32.032 WDistance Traveled: 19.26 mi / 30.99kmTemperature: -16 °F/ -27 °C Wind: 3 MPH / 4.82 KPHCloud Cover: Mostly sunny with high cirrus clouds moving in by late afternoon. A small crowd of community members came down to the ice to see us off this afternoon. We lashed our sleds and hooked […]

Trail Dispatch – Travel Over Ice

Coordinates: 65.59.5 N, 67.04.0 WDistance Traveled: 22 mi/ 35 kmTemperature: -13 °F/ -25 °CWind: 20 MPH/ 32 KPHCloud Cover: Clear skies Traveling over sea ice is nothing at all like the skating rink I used to know in Boston. There the ice was smooth and flawless, made perfect by the zamboni several times a day. […]