Day 31

Day 31Position : N 79° 01′ W 096° 08′Distance: 19.5 km / 12.1 mi We had a nice traveling day today. Dogs and people are well rested after a day off. We have not seen any tracks of wildlife in a couple of days. I’m hoping to see a pack of white wolves when we […]

Rest Day

Position: N 78° 50′ W 096° 03′ Hey all, Sarah here. A day away from the half way point. We took a rest day today (Day 30) as we thought the dogs needed a rest. We’ve been battling our way through this rough ice for weeks now and it takes it out of all of […]

Amazing Creatures…

Day 29Position: N 78° 50′ W 096° 03′Distance Traveled: 15.4 km / 9.5 mi Hey all. Sitting here in my tent at the end of yet another tough but enjoyable day. We are nearing the halfway point and I can’t believe it is going so quickly. We’ve all been working overtime to get these sleds […]

Ayles Ice Shelf

Day 27 Position: N 78° 38′ W 095° 44 Estimated Temperature: -27 °C / -16 °F Distance Traveled: 10 km / 6.2 mi The Expedition Has Reached the Remains of the Ayles Iceshelf. After 27 hard days through mostly rough ice conditions we finally made it to the remains of the Ayles Iceshelf. This, of […]

Day 26

Position: N 78° 35′ W 095° 24′Distance Traveled: 8 km / 4 mi Another day in the fun, rough ice. We had one of our most difficult working days today, and made a very short distance. We push and drag the heavy sleds over big blocks of ice. There are many beautiful ice sculptures to […]

More Rough Ice

Day 25Position: N 78° 32′, W 095° 09′Distance Traveled: 11.3 km / 7 mi Today was by far one of our toughest days. Standing up on a huge chunk of ice, we could see ahead of us a maze of rough ice. It was challenging due to the heavy sleds. We tried to weave a […]

Tough, Enjoyable Times…

Day 23Distance: 12.9 km / 10 miPosition: N 78° 26′, W094° 51′ What a day! It was nice to get into camp tonight. We are all exhausted. We spent the day traveling along the east coast of Amund Ringnes Island, making our way to the Ayles Ice Shelf. After a smooth morning on relatively flat […]

Adam Ayles

Position: N 78° 10′, W 094° 16′ Distance Traveled: 0 km/ 0 mi Who was the Ayles Ice Shelf Named After? Second rest day today (on Day 21) and we are all busy doing repairs and resting sore muscles. The dogs are being fed twice the amount they usually are and they are taking the […]

A Day Off

Position: N 78° 10′, W 094° 15′Distance traveled: 0 km/ 0 mi It’s amazing how good it feels to have a day off, a day to relax, repack, repair, sleep and eat. Sarah and I slept till noon this morning, had a long late breakfast and listened to Sarah’s music on her new iPod that […]

Resupply Day!

Position: N 78° 10′, W 094° 15′Distance traveled: 10.7 km/ 6.6 mi It has now been 20 days since we left the community of Resolute, and today was our first scheduled resuply of food and dog food. We woke up this morning with one goal in mind: we had to find a suitable flat piece […]