From Rough to Smooth

It’s been a long day. Getting into my tent tonight was so nice. It’s amazing. In regular circumstances, the tents we call our homes, would not be percieved as something to look forward too. They are not much longer than 7 feet and about 4 feet across. With our bivy sacs in the tent there […]

First Sighting of Axel Heiberg Island

Position: N 77° 47′, W 093° 05′ Estimated Temperature: -35 °C / -31 °F We are now making our way up Norwegian Bay with our course set for the remains of Ayles Iceshelf. The sleds are light as we are awaiting our first resupply in a couple of days. The light sleds are a good […]

My Favorite Dog: Skidich

Position: N 77° 33′, W 093° 01′Distance Traveled: 29 km / 17 mi It is Day 16 and we have traveled for over two weeks already. It is amazing how time flies by out here on the ice. We are starting to have a good routine during the day and things are going faster. By […]

Our Daily Routine

Day 15Distance traveled: 30 km/ 19 miPosition: N 77° 17′, W 092° 57′ Awake at 6 a.m., we reluctantly crawl out of our sleeping bags and light the stoves. Once the water is on, we start melting enough snow for a day of travel. Usually out of the tent by 8 a.m., we pack up […]

Tired Dogs…

Position: N 77° 01′, W 93° 01′Distance Traveled: 13 mi/ 20.6 km So we just hit the two week mark. All is going good so far. There is a slight concern that, with the rough sea ice slowing us up, we might not be able to make the northwest coast of Ellesmere. We’ve been discussing […]

Norwegian Bay – Dag 13 (Norwegian)

Dag 13 Endelig er vi her, camped I norwegian bay. Vi har hatt en fin dag I dag med bra tempo. Vi er alle I godt hummor. litt I bakkant av hvor vi hadde haapet paa aa vaere, men haaper paa aa ta det igen etterhvert. Forhaapentligvis er vi gjennom den verste pakkisen. Jeg sliter […]

Norwegian Bay

Distance Traveled: 17 mi/ 26 kmTemperature, -13 °F/ -25 °CPosition: N 76, 34, W 093, 15 Good weather today as we travelled through Arthur Pass on Devon Island that connects us to Norwegian Bay. Tomorrow we hope to make a good distance into Norwegian Bay proper. Norwegian Bay has its name from Norwegian Explorer Otto […]

From Sea Ice to Land

Position: N 76° 20′, W 093° 35′Distance traveled: 19 mi/ 31km Today has been one of the few days where it has been flat ice and pretty fast travel, sunshine with just a little wind. One of us is always skiing in front of the first team to get them on the right track. The […]

Rough Ice and Polar Bears

Position: N 76,04, W 093,3Distance traveled: 8.6 mi/ 14.1 km We presumed that we had made it through the worst of the rough ice yesterday and set off with the goal in mind to get some miles under our belt. With a fresh dusting of snow, travel was slow but steady, working our way around […]

Finally Making Some Ground…

So we’re here at the end of day nine. We’ve got a long way to go but so far it’s moving fast. I’m sure the others have told you all the things that have happened in the last week. Traveling through a labyrinth of ice, bears coming into camp and even being stalked by one. […]