Wellington Channel (Norwegian)

Posisjon: N 75 30.401, W 093 40.616. Wellington Channel Temperatur: -33 °C Vi er naa paa vei nordover mot Arthur pass paa Devon Island som vil ta oss inn I Norskebukten. De siste dagene har det gaatt meget tregt fordi isforholdene har vaert meget roffe. Ofte har vi maattet bruke oeks for aa lage vei […]

Polar Bear Land

Position: N 75 30.401, W 093 40.616 Temperature: -33 °C/ -36°F Just after Sigrid finished her dispatch last night our campsite was again visited by polar bears. This time it was two bears. One huge mamma bear and her two year-old cub. Unlike our curious visitor earlier in the evening, these bears were not easy […]

Meet Raven, Lead Dog

Position: N 75,17.440, W 093,32.633Distance traveled: 20.5 mi/ 33.6 km After being spoiled by awesome terrain the last couple days, we ran out of luck. Dead ahead, on the horizon, lay patches of rough ice. We managed to weave our way in and out, hugging the shore avoiding most of the bigger chunks. The terrain […]

Polar Bear in Camp

Position: N 75,26.807, W 093,42.880Distance traveled: 18 km/ 11 mi We are just finishing a delicous dinner. Sarah and I got invited to Sam and Eric’s tent for a get- together dinner. The menu is stew with cheese, bacon and butter, lots of butter. For breakfast we eat oatmeal and toast. The talk of the […]

First Full Day

Position: N 74,37.864 W049,02.927Wind: LightDistance traveled: 20.5 km/ 13 miPhysical Conditions: White nose and frosty eyelashes So we are here. At the end of our first full day. Wow, it’s great to be on the trail. Months of preparation and training. Days full of orgaizing and emails and now we are here; it is quiet. […]

Resolute Bay

Position: Resolute BayTemperature: -25.6 °F/ -32 °CWind: 11 MPH/ 18 KPH, ESEDistance traveled: 0 km We arrived here in Resolute past midnight last night. The dogs did really well during the four hour flight but were very happy to get out of their kennels and back to the cold. We worked on preparations until 4 […]