Radio Camp 2021: Youth staying resilient and fighting for change in trying times

MPR News Staff June 28, 2021 How do you get young people who might not even own a radio to fall in love with audio storytelling? That’s the mission of our annual Radio Camp, a weeklong program for high school students in partnership with ThreeSixty Journalism at the University of St. Thomas. Over two one-week camps, 16 students from diverse backgrounds in Minnesota worked […]

Biden’s Silence on Minnesota Oil Pipeline Frustrates Advocates

By Cody Nelson June 22, 2021   Line 3, a comparable project to the canceled Keystone XL pipeline, runs counter to the president’s stated climate and environmental goals. Joe Biden wasted no time canceling the highly controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline once he became president. On inauguration day, he revoked one of the project’s key federal permits, […]

Will Steger’s climate journey closes out Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival

The 40th Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival wraps up this weekend with a screening of “After Antarctica,” a documentary that looks at polar explorer Will Steger’s career.

In 1989, Steger’s exploration of Antarctica highlighted the need to address climate change. Thirty years later, he attempted to make the same journey but was unable to complete it due to the effects of climate change on Antarctica.

Unleashing the creativity of teachers and students to combat climate change: An opportunity for global leadership

By Christina Kwauk and Rebecca Winthrop March 26, 2021 What if, with a little leadership from global heads of state, including U.S. President Biden and U.K. Prime Minister Johnson, there was an opportunity to catalyze a movement at home and abroad that combats climate change, strengthens the civic health of communities, closes the learning gap […]

Why storytelling may be the best bet to inspire action on climate change

Don Kraker February 2, 2021 Duluth, MN There’s no more optimistic person on the planet than a duck hunter. At least, Mike Furtman doesn’t think so. “You go out, and you’re sitting in a little teeny spot in a marshy area, trying to meet up at the same place, at the same time,” he […]

Green Visions: “We are all eyewitnesses to climate change”

By Lisa Johnson December 2, 2020 Climate Generation – and apparently a lot of Minnesotans – want the state legislature to be able to hit the ground running when they reconvene January 5. One of the ways they hope lawmakers can accomplish that is if they hear from their constituents. So they’re gathering written testimony from […]

Dad/daughter writers fear a warmer Minnesota future for their heirs

By Bud Ward December 22, 2020 Their youthful lake-side memories behind them, dad and daughter fear loss of those experiences in a warming state. Their lived experiences and vibrant memories are many: Off-the-grid monthly family escapes to a deep and clean northern Minnesota lake amid coniferous forests, white pines, and the calming isolation of woodlands; […]

Green Visions: the 12 words that changed the world

By Lisa Johnson April 14, 2021   Dr. Ben Santer’s life changed that day he got a phone call from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), asking him to be the lead author of a chapter on the causes of climate change for the 1995 Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The […]