Climate Lessons Update – May 2018

Letter to Climate Change Educators

Youth are powerful, and youth are brave. As teachers, you see this everyday as students become problem solvers, catalysts, and leaders in their own right. But, have you decided how youth will be the answer to climate change? With training, mentorship, and confidence, students can lead their peers – and our society – into a sustainable future. They are already leading solutions around the world.

Youth from around the state of Minnesota pose with Governor Mark Dayton at our annual Youth Climate Justice Summit.

Last month, Climate Generation hosted our annual Youth Climate Justice Summit, a day when students get to bring their voices to the Minnesota Capitol to speak with their representatives about issues that are important to them. The first year of our Youth Convening Minnesota project is coming to an end, with four successful youth-led community climate change convenings in Greater Minnesota under our belt and one left to go. The energy created by empowered students who recognize the value of their voice, their experience, and their autonomy in the climate movement is the inspiration we all need to charge toward a future we all want to live in.

Jenna Totz
Climate Change Education Manager
Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy

Climate Generation Happenings

Summer Institute for Climate Change Education

Looking for standards-supported climate change resources? Want to hear from experts about climate change science and solutions? Need to build your network of educators that are also incorporating climate change into their teaching? Register now for the 13th annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education, June 26-28, 2018 at St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN for three days of climate change science, teaching strategies, and reflecting with other teachers from around the country.

Follow Will Steger’s 2018 Barren Lands Expedition

Our founder, polar explorer Will Steger, is on Day 49 of his two-and-a-half month solo journey across the Arctic. He left March 20 and will return in June. Join over 300 followers as we trek along with Will and bring his expedition into classrooms around the country. Sign up to receive two emails per week which include Will’s daily dispatch, journal questions, and a resource to bring the Arctic into your classroom.

Sign up for the #TeachClimate Network

Join our #TeachClimate Network to discuss climate change education and cli-fi books on a monthly basis with educators across the country. This isn’t one of those calls where you listen to someone else discuss their thoughts on the book; you get to tell us yours. Our April 18th meeting will feature The Teacher Friendly Guide to Climate Change. Pro tip: If you don’t read the book, join the call anyway! Sign up to receive information and the webinar link.


School Board Resolutions

1-2-3-4, teaching climate change is what we’re fighting for! Climate Generation is leading a campaign to make climate change education a priority in our schools through local commitments to teach climate change science. Use our new Climate Commitments: School Board Resolution Toolkit to raise a resolution to your school board that commits your school district to teaching climate change and climate solutions. Join our “how-to” webinar on May 8th, 6:30 p.m. CDT to learn more and ask questions on getting started.

Our Climate Our Future Videos

Our Climate Our Future is an award-winning video experience from the Alliance for Climate Education that educates young people on the science of climate change and empowers them to take action.

Youth Action Ideas

Are your students looking for hands-on projects at the end of the school year? We have a great list of Youth Action Ideas for climate change solutions in your school on the Climate Generation site. Email if you have any questions about student projects.

I See Change

Spring is a great time to get your students outside to record and report what is happening. There are lots of sites out there that they can contribute to, but I See Change is like the Instagram of phenology sites — and we know your students know how to use Instagram. 🙂 I See Change will empower your students to observe how weather and climate affect their environment.

World Climate Interactive

The World Climate Simulation is a role-playing exercise of the annual UN climate change negotiations for large independent groups. It is unique in that it uses an interactive computer model to help organize and rapidly analyze the results of mock UN negotiations.

What We’re Reading

The Teacher Friendly Guide to Climate Change to get ready for the discussion on May 16th at our #TeachClimate Network meeting

Stories from the Field

What is the answer? Youth are the answer! Read this powerful blog from our MN GreenCorps member Kira Liu on the power of youth in the climate movement.

Moment of Inspiration

Explore a decade of climate action through Climate Generation’s youth program, Youth Environmental Activists of MN (YEA! MN).

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