Day 53

day 53Expedition day 53
Position: N 80° 01′ W 088° 22′
Distance: 18 km / 11 mi

After only 10 minutes on the trail we ran into Polar Bear tracks. A mom and a cub track. The cub track being as big as my fist. The cubs are born in the den in the winter and follow their mom out of the den in early spring. The polar bears in the area feeds on seals, which we have not seen yet.

Today we have been traveling in a beautiful Muskox Land with muskox tracks everywhere. They also have little ones. The hares are jumping around us still in their white coats. They are now easy to see when they are feeding on the grass of the tundra. I have never seen this large type of hare before. Much larger than the ones I have seen in Norway and Alaska. Their fur is longer and their ears are shorter. When they get scared they take off at full speed jumping only on their back legs, I have never seen any other rabbit run like this.

Where there are hares, ptarmigan and muskox, there are also wolves. We were pretty sure that we saw a pack of wolves while setting up camp, we all ran up the hill to see if we could get a closer look at them. I thougt it was funny that I couldn’t find their tracks. After taking a closer look at the pictures that Sam took of the wolves we found out that wolves weere rabbits…

We are at the moment searching for the forest, and hopefully we will find it tomorrow.

It is definitively Springtime and very little snow on land. While we were stuck on a patch of gravel we found that inbetween the rocks was lots of coal. Fram, Otto Sverdrup’s ship sailed back home to Norway on coal from Ellesmere.



Norwegian Translation:

24. Mai 2008

Vi hadde saavidt begynt aa sele opp hundene for en ny dag, da vi oppdaget at vi ikke bare hadde en hund los men to eller…..vent, den ene lose hunden lignet mer paa en ulv. Denali, loshund var paa god vei mot sin nye venn ulv, da hun horte 7 mennesker rope navnet hennes I kor. Det ble ikke noe leking med ulven denne gang. Denali kom fort tilbake mens ulven sakte mens sikkert lop bort fra oss og opp paa en hoyde. Der ble den staaende aa ule til vi var ferdig med aa sele opp og klare for aa dra av sted.
Jeg maa jo indromme at jeg er spesielt interessert I ulver og veldig fornoyd med besoket paa morgenkvisten.

Vi beveger oss naa I Eureka omraadet hvor det sies aa vaere en stor ulveflokk. Jeg haaper aa vaere saa heldig aa faa se hele flokken I vigor.




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