Eureka weather station

EurekaExpedition day: 57
Position: N 79° 59′ W 086° 01′
Distance: 13.7km / 8.5 mi

We said goodbye to Axel Heiberg leaving it behind us, heading towards Ellesmere Island. We crossed Eureka sound and headed towards the Eureka weather station, where we had to swing by to pick up more dog food.

We are camped just at the outskirts of the small station. Sigrid, Eric and I skied in to grab some dog food and were eager to learn more about the station.

Eureka is a weather station on Ellesmere Island that is operated by Environment Canada. It consists of a runway, a couple satellite dishes, a noisy generator and a dozen scattered buildings. The station is manned year round by a crew of 8 people, but during this time of year there are many scientist that base themselves out of Eureka to study everything from the ozone to the wolves.


More Info:

Situated on Ellesmere Island, the Eureka weather station was established in 1947 by Americans and Canadians. The Americans later withdrew in 1972. The weather station is still in operation today, conducting a wide range of studies, including research on the destruction of the ozone, weather, the aurora phenomena, long range transport of pollutants and climate change.

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