From Rough to Smooth

sam_frostyIt’s been a long day. Getting into my tent tonight was so nice. It’s amazing. In regular circumstances, the tents we call our homes, would not be percieved as something to look forward too. They are not much longer than 7 feet and about 4 feet across. With our bivy sacs in the tent there is not much personal space. Sitting up you have to bend over so your head doesn’t hit the roof. Leftovers from last nights dinner are stuck to the floor and frost falls from the celing. As horrible as it sounds, this tent is a mansion to us. It means warmth and a chance to get out of the bitter winds outside. It is our solace from this harsh environment and tent time is the best part of the day. It means a chance to rest!

Today was a good one. I rode on Toby’s sled. His dogs are particualy exhausted so most of the morning was spent pushing the sled instead of being pulled! We set off into the rough ice with little visibility. At one point our sled fell into a wind drift and we cracked a handle. With a bit of DIY we set off again pretty fast. It was tough traveling all the way until about 2 p.m. where we got a lucky break and found some flat ground. Even though traveling was slightly easier, the wind picked up and was bitterly cold. I got my first proper ice beard. Snow drifts cover the open flats ahead which means that the plane for the resupply still can’t land. Hopefully we will find a spot tomorrow. We are on the last of our supplies!

So far so good. Love to all my friends and family reading this.

Falcon (Sam)


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