Heavy Snow and Little Clothes

0502_Sam.jpgDay 34
Position: N 79° 35′ W 096° 32′
Distance Traveled: 20.6 km

So, the days are flying by since we hit the halfway mark. It’s strange to know that in a month’s time we’ll all be back in the real world. I have to say that even though this is extremely exhausting and tough, we are all really enjoying it. I am truly in my element and will miss being on the trail.

The weather today was very cloudy with a light snowfall and strong southerly wind. As the day wore on, the wind shifted to the west bringing slightly clearer conditions. It was nice to have the wind at our backs most of the day which gave our faces a rest. Our faces are starting to look pretty leathery, scruffed with facial hair and frost nipped with scabs.

With the fresh snowfall, traveling is tough. There are huge windwells formed in which we regularly get caught, and banks of thick snow litter our path. At points we were in waist deep snow trying to push the sleds uphill. It can be pretty exhausting. Even though it is freezing out here (especially with the wind), we get really hot in the day. As we are working so hard, we are constantly taking layers off and quickly putting them back on when we stop. When you stop the cold seeps in pretty quickly. It is always important to monitor your temperature out here. You have to make sure you don’t sweat even though sometimes it is tough. Your body loses heat 240 times faster when you are wet and believe me you can feel it. Under layers are essential to staying warm. We generaly wear a thermal or wool top, an over top, a jumper or thin down jacket, another jacket and when we stop, our big over coats. This varies per person or day. When we stop and are not on the move we wear all this but on the move I have at points been stripping down to my just thermal top and vest.

It’s a strange feeling wearing so little at minus 30 degrees Celsius!

Pulling into camp tonight was nice as always. The fog still was over us but I just went outside and the change in wind has brought clearer skies. We are now a lot closer to Axel Heiberg and the view is truly mesmerizing. Huge snow covered mountains jut out from its coastline, making us seem very small in this vast landscape. I am looking forward to travelling up it tomorrow.


For now over and out from Falcon (Sam)…

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