Minnesota’s Changing Climate Updates, March 22

It is hard not to notice the unusually warm weather that hit Minnesota in the last few weeks, following what we like to call, “the winter that never was.”  There has been some pretty MNMapresizeinteresting coverage that highlight these anomalies.

Climate Central’s interactive map shows how early spring has arrived around the country

Check out DNR’s Ice Out page this year and then compare with past years.

NASA has a great map posted that shows the Land Surface Temperature Anomaly and describes a number of unprecedented records broken

Earlier spring has some pretty big implications for the animals and plants you all might be observing (and submitting to the online classroom!) around your school.  Heidi Cullen describes the repercussions of dependent species that might respond differently to an earlier spring in this recent article.

And finally, for those of you that are journaling and doing phenology with your students.  This recent article explaining research that is comparing Henry David Thoreau’s observations of flowering dates with today, highlights the importance of tracking this information!

Opportunities and Events


Educators!  Share how you have been implementing, adapting and using Minnesota’s Changing Climate!  Please consider applying to present at this Summer’s Institute for Climate Change Education.  We will be hosting a 45 minute educator panel. Educators that participate are expected to provide a few slides with photos and be prepared to spend 5-10 minutes to share how they have implemented Minnesota’s Changing Climate in their educational setting. There will be 10 minutes for questions at the end of the panel as a whole.  Register to present.

An important reminder for Parks Climate Challenge teachers: It is not too late to apply for funding for transportation or submit grant applications. Don’t let the school year end without taking advantage of this excellent opportunity!  Please, please, please contact us with any ideas or questions about ways to spend your grant money.

YOUTH SUMMIT!  PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS!  The Will Steger Fondation’s YEA! MN program is planning a youth-led Summit that will take place on Friday April 27th.  The summit will be held at the Institute on the Environment on the University of Minnesota’s St. Paul Campus.  It will be approximately the length of a school day.  The Summit will consist of workshops led by youth from high school environmental clubs throughout the Metro area.  The workshops will focus on environmental projects that the presenters have had success with at their schools.  The idea is for those who participate in the Summit to be able to learn about projects they are interested in through peer mentorship. Keynote speaker will beWill Steger. Registration for the event will be up this week, contact Joe Kruse, joe@willstegerfoundation.org with any questions.

Don’t forget to share our Summer Institute 2012 with your colleagues or consider attending again.  Register today!

Kristen will be highlighting the work you all do connecting your students with Minnesota and the impacts of climate change April 12 at the Education Innovation Series: Imagining New Connections in Science and Engineering EducationInformation and Register

Registration is now open for the 3rd annual Minnesota Phenology Conference at the Cloquet Forestry Center April 27-29. For more information about the conference, agenda, and registration


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