My Favorite Dog: Skidich

favdogPosition: N 77° 33′, W 093° 01′
Distance Traveled: 29 km / 17 mi

It is Day 16 and we have traveled for over two weeks already. It is amazing how time flies by out here on the ice. We are starting to have a good routine during the day and things are going faster. By this, I mean setting up camp, chaining out dogs, fixing skiis, pack down
camp and move to the next destination.

We woke up this morning with smiles on our faces watching the blue sky and sun instead of complete white — another beautiful day on the ice.

Tobias and I have lacked a stable leader on our dogteam. One day we decided to give Skidich a try. Skidich is a shy little female who came loose in Iqaluit . No one could catch her, so she was loose for weeks. The day before we flew to Resolute we got help to catch her and by luck we were able to get a hold of her. I don’t think little Skidich ever thought she was going to lead a team, scared of all people and almost all dogs. Now she is outside my tent happy and proud of being the best leader on mine and Toby’s team. She plays with other dogs and she now loves for us to pet her. My little favorite dog Skidich.



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Dog Sledding Quote

The Eskimo dog is distinguished by having kept one foot firmly in the wild. This explains his captivating personality. Loyal, intelligent, brave, persevering: possessed also of quasi-human peccadilloes like thieving, bullying and malingering, the Eskimo dog is part of the legend and literature of the North.” Quote from Scott & Amundsen by Roland Huntford


Norwegian Translation:

Posisjon: N 77 33, W093 01
Distance traveled: 29 km/ 17 mi

Tiden flyr her ute paa isen. Naa har vi vaert paa tur i over to uker. Vi begynner aa faa bra rutine paa dagen. Pakke ned camp, sele opp hunder, komme oss avgaarde, sette opp ny camp, smelte sno, spise sove osv.

Vi voknet I morres kl 0600 med ett smil om munnen da vi kikket ut aa saa sol og klar himmel. Gaarsdagens fullstendige white out, hvor det var umulig aa see forskjell paa himmel og is fristet ikke til gjentagelse.

Tobias og jeg har i mangel av ledere paa spannet vaart provd de fleste av vaare 10 hunder. En av
Vaare siste utprovde var lille skidich. En liten tispe som ingen kunne fange I iqaluit. Hun hadde lopt los rundt I iqaluit I flere uker da jeg jom dit. Dagen for vi floy til resolute fikk vi hjelp til aa prove aa fange henne. Flaks for tobias og meg fikk vi faktisk tak I henne. Livredd for folk, hunder og allt annet var det ingen som hadde trua paa at denne lille reddharen skulle ende opp som leder. Naa er hun utenfor teltet mitt stolt og glad for aa vare tobias og megs beste lederhund paa spannet vaart. Hun har ogsaa naa blitt litt av en kosehund. Min lille favoritt hund, skidich.


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