Rest Day

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Hey all, Sarah here.

A day away from the half way point. We took a rest day today (Day 30) as we thought the dogs needed a rest. We’ve been battling our way through this rough ice for weeks now and it takes it out of all of us. Rest days are great for catching up on personal things like writing in your diary or reading. It is also a great opportunity to clean yourself. This consists of taking a sponge and wiping your body down. It gives you a chance to check for cuts which may get infected and keep track of where your body is at, health-wise.

During down time there are also lots of jobs to do which we don’t usually have time for, like relashing and fixing broken parts on the sleds, sewing torn equipment and chewed dog harnesses. It can be quite time consuming. One minute you’re enjoying some time off and the next it’s 12:30 and you’re still out in the cold fixing things. All said it has been nice to get some time to rest the bodies and be social with the rest of the guys.

Time for bed,


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