Stormy Weather

sarah0503.jpgDay 35
N 79° 35′ W 096° 37′
Distance traveled: 19.2 km / 11.9 mi

The south winds tend to bring warm, overcast weather. The last couple of days the clouds have been obscuring our view of the beautiful coast of Axel Heiberg, and we’ve been wishing for a change in winds to blow away the clouds.

This morning we woke with the sound of the tent flapping. The winds shifted overnight and are now blowing from a more northerly direction. Hopeful that the winds would bring better weather, we headed straight into them. As the day progressed the condition became worse. The winds picked up in force and the snow blew across the surface, kicking up a ground storm that made it difficult to see. We were forced to stay very close together, always within sight of each other.

We cautiously traveled forward, prepared for the worse. If we did get separated, all three of the dog sleds were self-sufficient. We all carry tents, sleeping bags, stoves, fuel and food so in the worst case scenario we would all have enough gear to survive quite happily.

We also carry a GPS that has a radio system so we could talk and locate each other.

That said, the best scenario is not to get separated in the first place. We are now enjoying being inside our tents and hopefully the storm will die down by tomorrow.


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