Minnesota’s Changing Climate Updates, January 31

Some of you may have seen Will’s editorial last week in the Star Tribune raising awareness about the importance of climate literacy.  He wrote: “Teaching and understanding climate change is a process involving scientific inquiry and educational pedagogy; it is not about politics or partisanship. There is virtually unanimous scientific agreement about climate change.” Reading […]

Minnesota’s Changing Climate Updates, January 19

Winter greetings!  The cold has finally arrived and hopefully with snow right on its heels.  For those of you interested in keeping up on student observations of the Metro area, Great River School has been doing a phenomenal job of getting outside and letting us know what they see!  Also many thanks to Proctor for […]

Will Steger in the Coniferous Biome

Will made a visit to Proctor during the first week of January to speak to the students of Jedlicka Middle School and Proctor High School and to hear from Leah Moore’s eighth grade students.  After his presentation students asked him questions that ranged from “What is the coolest thing you saw in the Arctic?,” to “What […]

Minnesota’s Changing Climate Updates, December 15

Greetings! It is hard to believe we are almost to Winter Break!  For Ann and I this means, believe it or not, Summer Institute 2012 is in the works. Please help us in spreading the word that August 7-8 we will hold our 7th Annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education.  We will once again […]

Minnesota’s Changing Climate Updates, October 18

Many educators who attended our Summer Institute expressed an interest in having access to Mary Spivey’s informative presentation about climate change and Minnesota’s biomes. We now have a video available of her presentation if you would like to review it, it is embedded below. Mary Spivey’s PowerPoint presentation from the Summer Institute is also available […]

Climate Literacy Workshop: NAAEE 2011

On October 12 representatives from the Climate Literacy Network came together to provide an all day workshop at the North American Association for Environmental Education Conference.  The workshop, Climate Change Education:  Science, Solutions, Inspiration, and Empowerment, gave participants an introduction to climate science, common climate change misconceptions, educational materials educators can use to integrate climate […]

Minnesota’s Changing Climate Update

We are loving the fall photos that are coming in from students in your classrooms!  Make sure to check out the observations page daily to see all the new submissions.  If you just want to see images, click on the image tag on the righthand side.  Visit the page now. We are busy this month […]