The Cairn

Sarah’s birthday!
Day 41
Position: N 81° 01′ W 095° 03′
Distance traveled: 13.7 km / 8.5 mi

“l am just going for a little ski trip with Skittish” (One of the dogs on Toby’s team), Tobias said after he had eaten a quick bowl of oatmeal.

We found a perfect place for an air strip around 3 p.m., put up camp, and everyone was organizing their personal gear when Tobias headed off on his little ski adventure with his favorite dog. I was taking a little nap when I woke up by Toby’s exciting voice, “I found the cairn, and I can see another one not too far away”.

We all jumped out of our tents, put our skis on and rushed up the little mountain behind our camp. Could it be Otto Sverdrup’s cairn that Toby had found, with the bottle of information in it?

It was definitively a cairn, on the top of the hill about waist high carefully built of rocks. We took off one rock after another slowly, hoping to find the bottle.

There was no bottle. A bit disappointed we headed off for the next cairn with high hopes. This one fit perfectly the description that we have about the old location of the actual sverdrup cairn – See Toby’s May 5th dispatch. We keep our hopes up until all the rocks are removed. No bottle.

We found two cairns and it is possible that one of them was built by Otto Sverdrup’s men. One of the cairns may have been built by surveyors in the late 70’s or early 80’s.

Exciting day, on the most beautiful place on earth.

Resupply and Ben coming in tomorrow around 1 p.m.. We all look forward to seeing Ben again.



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