Tough, Enjoyable Times…

samDay 23
: 12.9 km / 10 mi
Position: N 78° 26′, W094° 51′

What a day! It was nice to get into camp tonight. We are all exhausted. We spent the day traveling along the east coast of Amund Ringnes Island, making our way to the Ayles Ice Shelf. After a smooth morning on relatively flat sea ice, we hit yet more rough sea ice, the last thing we wanted to come across. With the resupply only a few days ago, we are fully loaded up and heavy. With the sleds included, our loads weigh 750 lbs. A huge amount of weight for us to push and the dogs to pull. The ice was packed hard and travel was very slow. At points it took all six of us just to get the sleds moving off ice lips and snow wells that we so readily got caught on/in. In one particular section it took us two hours to move three hundred meters. We all heaved, pulled and called the dogs and eventually we made some ground. It is amazing what these dogs can do. All respect to them. Without them we would be nowhere.

After a very long and exhausting day we pulled into camp. A nice half hour early, at six. Apart from the sheer physical grinding, we all enjoyed ourselves greatly. Apart from the lack of distance that we need to make, days like these are thoroughly satisfying. Getting into bed is that much more enjoyable and we all sleep very well.

I just took a walk outside. What a beautiful place this is. Large boulders of frozen water surround us, huge mountains fill our horizon, the sun is coating everything in a beautiful tranquil color and – let’s not forget – we’re sleeping on a frozen sea. This barren land is truly mesmerizing. I hope you can get a grasp of this place with what we share with you.
All good so far. A small write in my diary, then off to a well deserved rest. Until next time.

Take care,

Falcon (Sam)….

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